Check out with WLCI’s Placements

31 Mar

Campus placement is one such topic that concerns every student. Like others, even i was worried for the same when i enrolled for my management programme in fashion one year back. I did my part of homework very seriously and find out all relevant details of the college. After having been completed my first year with the college, i can say confidently that WLCI College forms ideal ground for a great career. In the last one year, i have got detailed knowledge of my field and immense exposure of real fashion world. Extracurricular activities engage students round the year. this helps in overall development as an individual. 

Recently, one of my senior Mannu Sharma of batch 2009-2011, Fashion Technology got through her final placement at “” successfully at an attractive salary in the very beginning. Joining as a stylist and a consultant online, she will get whole lot of exposure to work with good designers of the industry. She had to go through a rigorous screening and selection procedure to get through this job. But as she tells that it was not that difficult for her and everything went out smoothly in the whole process. She told that whatever your interviewer would ask would already been taught by your professors itself. And, also the hands on experience gained through traineeship programme would get you real picture of fashion designing.

After having heard this, my confidence level has boosted up tremendously. Now, i can concentrate whole heartily on my studies without being worried about my final placements.


One Response to “Check out with WLCI’s Placements”

  1. Dennis April 29, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    A good business college has one of the main and important factor that is board of directors well at WLC most of them are from experienced background…
    Yeah i do agree that their experiences are make them worth it.But still. WLC stands out from any other college of its kind in almost every detail like infrastructure, faculty, placements, records and so on. I hope you guys understand what i wanna convey.

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