Dont seek for a degree…Seek for knowledge

7 Apr

Indian education system is such that it revolves around distributing paper degrees and certificates to its students. This is specially about the government colleges and universities, where hardly any practical knowledge is imparted to students. Their course curriculum is not updated for last so many years and yet they claim of providing quality education to its students. College professors and lecturers have never been to any live project and practically have any clue of actual working of the industry. Campus placement is one thing, which almost half of the govt college have not even heard about.

Well, at the same point of time, there are certain private management colleges and universities that are contributing their efforts to bring changes in the present scenario. Colleges like IIMs, IMT, Christ, Narsi munj mumbia, WLC College India, Symbiosis and many others are at least not interested in just making degree graduates. They understand the changing needs and requirements of the industry and prepare their students accordingly. These college are well aware of the competition in corporate world and thus believe in providing both practical and theoretical knowledge to students.

There is a long way to go in this direction. Its good that some are there who are taking initiative to bring changes and giving out there hundred percent. I think, government should extend its support to help these institutes for further improvement in Indian education.


One Response to “Dont seek for a degree…Seek for knowledge”

  1. Arian Ahmed April 29, 2011 at 10:42 am #

    There are some colleges, who understand plight and concern of students. WLCI College is one amongst those. The focus of all processes at WLCI is to help student find a good job. Students start working as a trainee during the programme and get real work experience which empower them to access high paying jobs. The WLCI Corporate Services team meets with hundreds of employers each month to find career opportunities. Over the last fifteen years, more than 12,000 professionals have been placed worldwide.

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