Make your tongue, your career…Courses in Foreign Languages

13 Jun

Ever since the introduction of liberalization and globalization policies, geographical boundaries are no more c0nstraints between people residing in different countries. This has resulted in more communication between the countries and business channels.Now, people are trading on global platform. The entire world has become one market. These ever changing business trends has brought into focus requirement of qualified language experts.

The main significance of language experts is that they make business transaction easier and fair for both the parties. Since, people coming from different geographical regions and having different cultural background, thus are not able to establish effective communication among themselves. So, do the language expert. Language experts overcome the cultural distances and make the entire globe single platform.

Considering the increased demands of qualified language experts, the business management colleges have started offering regular as well as part time courses in different regional and foreign languages. Once the course is successfully completed, students can make their career in the field of travel and tourism, teaching, as translators in Government sectors, diplomatic services, industries and Research Organizations, air hostesses and flight stewards, interpreters etc. Most popular and renowned Indian institutions offering courses in languages are; School of Languages in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi; Ram Krishna Mission, Kolkata; University of Pune and Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages.


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