Reforms in existing management education

27 Jun

The present day education system does not serve the purpose for which it had started. Today, education has become a profitable business to education institutions. Quality is degrading day by day and thus thereby increasing unemployment of graduates without quick relief to mitigate their sufferings in the job market of the country. So, the drawbacks of the higher management education system underscore the need for reforms to make it worthwhile and beneficial to all concerned.

India is the second most populated country in the world. Naturally there is too much rush and competition in every nook and corner of the national economy. So, rush to technical and higher education has increased as scope for arts and science has become lesser and lesser. This scope has narrowed down majorly due to lack of reforms and up gradation in the course structure and materials according to the developments of the world. A qualified professional has better understanding of business world than others.

All round development of an individual is the sole purpose of education. But, present day education is neither imparting true knowledge of life, world and nor improving the talent of a student by which one can achieve laurels in the field one is pursuing in. So, combination of arts subjects and computer science and science and humanities or literature should be introduced so that such courses could be useful for the students to do jobs after recruitment in some companies which would reduce unnecessary rush to higher


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