Check out with new regulations for part-time courses

30 Jun

For all those working professionals, who wish to enroll for part-time courses, here comes some important guidelines and rules to follow. From this year onwards, only professionals with two years’ of work experience can join executive part-time courses for management and engineering.these guidelines have been issued by AICTE, the regulating body of management courses in India. Besides, it has also been stated that if colleges offer both part-time and full-time courses, they should not be conducting evening classes for their full-time course batch.

Before these guidelines were issues, there were no certain rules and regulation to regulate part-time courses, each college interpreted part-time courses in their own way. Now they will all follow the same The new regulations also state that the credits earned in a part-time course should equal a full-time course. Even the faculty break-up for these courses has been outlined: 20% regular staff, 30% staff from the full-time course and 50% visiting faculty. The intake capacity of part-time courses has to be half of the full-time course strength.

Now, with no full-time courses running in the evening time, students in part-time courses will get exclusive campus without needing to share any facilities such as library or AV room. these new rules and regulations will increase the participation of professionals in executive courses and also help in improving the existing standards of the industry.


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