Impact of technology advancements on education pattern

12 Sep

Technological advancements are intended to bring far reaching improvements in present day educational system. Today, we cant even imagine anything without technology infused in it. The never ending benefits of technology has contributed majorly in its increased popularity and demand. It focuses 0n facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological resources. Resources on a broader aspect include different types of software, hardware, internet applications, satellite mass communication and many other forms.

In order to make sure that technology is proved effective in prevailing education system, it is needed to intelligently integrate it into rich and meaning full course content. It is for sure that computer-based education help them in better visualization of things than ever before. The best part about computer based education is that a computer is patient and non-judgmental and give students motivation to continue learning. Apart from this, technology has also helped in making online education a reality, which otherwise could not be possible.

In this regard, the concern lies in proper implementation of these advancements so that fruitful results could be obtained. For this, both learners and teachers have to adapt to newer technology, so that there is a sync in learning process. Everything is possible in today’s world. It is just that you need to come forefront and take that first step nad then see the wonders!!


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