Vocation education that helps in improving professional skills

4 Oct

Career education prepares adults for improved job skills in all sectors of career fields. This type of continuing education supports the lifelong learning efforts of employees in professional, managerial, sales, service, clerical, trades, and labor. This education for adults comes in many forms such as college courses, workshops, community education, continuing education units, and on-the-job training.

Career education is often referred to as technical education or vocational education, because adult learners develop expertise in a particular set of job skills or technology applications within a career field. These work related programs and courses are typically offered in classroom instruction settings or via online learning. Adults who enroll in these programs or courses do so for a variety of reasons to meet career goals and objectives.

Career Education and Work Related Courses

Career development is designed to support adult learners who enroll in vocational schools to improve their employment skills and knowledge. The following is a statistical summary of facts regarding adults who enrolled in career education courses.

A career development action plan is considered by many to be a road map of how an adult moves up the ladder in a career field through continuing education. This plan must be in writing to allow an individual to view actions necessary to advance with a chosen career field. An important point to remember is that the action plan is not written in stone. There must be room for amendments as time passes and new opportunities present


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