Open your eyes and look around

12 Oct

Are you eyes opened?

I don’t mean this in the usual sense of not sleeping. I am asking if you are really awake. What does being awake mean? Are you aware of opportunities that knock on your door?..

Traditionally there has been little competition within higher business management education systems, and the Task Force believes that more intense competition between similar institutions for faculty, students, and resources will help improve standards by rewarding merit and performance. It also generally promotes beneficial innovations and overall quality improvements. Competition is exceedingly difficult to achieve through central decree, but requires a high degree of autonomy for academic institutions, allowing them to exploit their strengths and overcome weaknesses. Adequate market information is also essential, otherwise institutions will continue to thrive even when they are weak.

Considering this increased competition, one has to be to extra alert with the opportunities coming through your way. One has to keep eyes open all the time so that one should not miss out on the early options. Specially the students pursuing higher studies has to be extra conscious so that they are able to come out with a bright professional career. Just a piece of advice but can help you in a long run.


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