WLCI Review by Megha Chandrakant Mane

5 Nov

Megha Chandrakant is a beloved student at WLCI. She would like to share her thoughts about her time at the institute-

WLCI’s management college is very good. The motto of WLCI ‘Earn & learn’ does justice to what the college offers.

That’s why I joined WLCI.  WlCI provides full time course along with traineeship. I like the e- learning process as it makes availability of material so easy.

 I feel   improved   on every aspect of my personality like gestures, grooming etiquette & manners, and little bit in communication.   All these are my achievements at WLCI for the past 2 months. The syllabus is very good. The language of the pre-study is very clear &concise. The System of learning is very good.

At the Noida campus, we all enjoyed the cutting edge program.  All lectures were really inspiring & motivational.  We gained a lot of knowledge at the cutting edge program. The Staff is very helpful and the   management is very strong.  They pay personal attention towards each student.

 At the Pune campus, there is always some activity that is increasing my confidence. Our campus director is always there to help us out. He helps to solve any problems the student faces relating to academics. 

 Thank you,



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