WLC Review

10 Dec

wlc college review

2 Years ago I was working in a corporate firm as a junior manager. Working there for 2 years I had realized that there was no scope for growth for me in the company. The company was hiring candidates with qualifications from some top MBA colleges in India. It was clear to me that to grow, I would have to study further.

After some research, I came across WLCI College which was offering Executive courses specializing in various core management studies. The best part was that, to pursue the courses I did not need to quit my job. Realizing that this was my chance to earn a qualification from a reputed institute as well as not fore go my income, I took admission.

It took me one year to finish my specialization in HR. The faculty in the college were highly trained and provided real in-depth knowledge about the field. It may sound that it will be difficult to juggle work and studies, I managed it fine. The college provided with course materials, pre-studies and more which wore up to the mark and easy to understand.

The best parts were the discussions I had with my peers and teachers. Since I had gained some experience in the field already, it was fun to actually implement strategies taught at the college in my work place and achieve incredible results. It solidified the principal that studies are only useful when implemented.

I graduated WLCI 6 months back , and was very happy when I was promoted last month. I would recommend this college to anyone and everyone.


Thank you,

student, WLC College India

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