WLC College Reviews by Professionals

26 Dec


WLC College India is a leading management institute with a presence in leading metropolitan cities across India. The college has made a formidable reputation in the Indian education system.

This is what some of the industry leaders from different professions and a part of our Employers Council are saying about the management institute.

Prof. Savita Gautam, FSM:

I would like to thank WLC College for invitation to the Employers Council. The college was instrumental in developing a course in international marketing and internet businesses. This is one of the few institutes which offer the course in India.

Prof Sanjiv Mittal, IP University:

 I was very happy to be part of the council for the area of marketing and sales. It was a great experience to share knowledge with experts. Thank you for making me a part of this evolution in management education.

Dr. Arvind Shukla, BIMTECH:

WLC is a great institution run by great people. Keep it up


C.V Kamanan, Ladder Consultancy:

Wonderful and comprehensive effort by the college to align the industry with academia on the lines of industry needs. It will greatly enhance the employability of graduates. All the best for this breakthrough effort.


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