WLC College Review by Ajit Chakravarti

27 Dec


The quality of your management education plays a key role in deciding where your career will stand in the future. The management sector undergoes huge challenges to make the students employable and ready for the industry. Most of the times, these challenges are not met as even though there is a demand for management students, still there are countless students who face un-employability after college.

To bridge this gap, WLC College started a new initiative. It is called the Employers Council. The platform is used to get together professionals and scholars across all backgrounds in the industry to meet and discuss the curriculum of all WLC courses. The initiative has been highly successful, judging by the numbers of the students being placed by WLC in reputable corporate.

Here we present to you a testimonial by Ajit Chakravarti, who participated in the event.

“The Employer Council’s Session to deliberate, evaluate and arrive at a curriculum which enhances employability is indeed fascinating. I am thankful to the management of WLC for giving me this opportunity to participate. This has been a learning experience for me and I’m sure this will benefit all the students at WLC. Congratulations for this event and all the best for a brighter future.”


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