WLC College: Wills Fashion Week

10 Jan

WLCI College is one of the foremost institutes for fashion designing courses in India. The college provides students with a grand exposure to the industry through various fashion shows and events organized.

Recently, The College organized the students to experience the Will Lifestyle fashion show held in New Delhi. The show was a witness to all the prominent fashion designers in the Indian industry namely Anupama Dayal, Ashish N Soni., Manish Aurora, Masaba, Nida Mehmood, Wendell Rodricks and many more.

We feel that exposing the students to such events motivates and enables them to understand the reality of what they are aiming for. Usually, the work of the designers is showcased for the elite few in the country. These events allow students to minutely examine the design intricacies of their work and build up on the successful ideas and trends of the industry.Image

Talking to the designers also helps students to get a brief insight into what makes a successful designer and this is crucial for them so as to plan their career.

WLC College leaves no straws to make sure that our students get the best education in India. Already, WLC College’s very own fashion show “Chimera” is a brand in itself. Each year, our final year students showcase their designs on this high profile platform.


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