WLC College: Enabling careers in fashion designing

13 Jan

ImageTwenty years ago, The Indian fashion industry was still in its cradle taking the first steps towards the world of glitz and glamour that it is now. The prospect of becoming a fashion designer was thin but conceivable. Now, its war! Fashion Designing has emerged as a much anticipated career with the youth of the country flocking towards fashion schools to get themselves a place in the fast accelerating industry.

The modern scenario is way different from the traditional approach; any one in fashion will tell you that. But a plan to successfully create a niche for yourself in the industry is hardly a topic where you can get consensus.


We at WLC College India strive to give a professional methodology to guarantee success for our students. We try hard to remove uncertainty in the system where some people achieve their goals by chance and luck and the many more who fail miserably.


Our program is designed to expose you to the industry in a professional way. There are 2 key elements for success in this industry:

1)      Originality

2)      Network


We help you build a network with participation in major events and provide traineeship opportunities with leading designers. We also help you to learn and explore skills for achieving higher levels of creativity and originality.


 The WLC Brand with its lucrative approach has become a formidable name in Indian Fashion.


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