WLC College India : About us

23 Jan


The WLC College is renowned private institute for management, fashion designing and Graphic Design courses. The college achieved a critical acclaimed for its ‘Work and Learn’ program and the ‘Employers Council’ platform. Both these initiatives were taken up by the institute to address and abase the issue of un-employability of the students in the industry.

Indian faces a dire need to upgrade the quality of education for Indian students, but due to policies and norms many such initiatives have made efforts and abjured. The concept of WLCI’s lucrative and effective approach is to create communication between the industry and academia. The difference in this approach was that it actually succeeded. For the last 2 decades, students graduating for WLC programs are taught, trained and placed to their best of abilities in reputed corporate.

The ‘Work and Earn’ program helps the students giving them the chance to taste the industry environment by enrolling them for internships for the industry alongside the program. This helps the students from avoiding the abject un-employment experiences that an average students faces as a fresher.

The Employers Council on the other hand focuses on creating a curriculum that can arm the student with skills that fulfills demands in line with industry trends. The platform serves as a forum for professionals from diverse professional backgrounds to discuss and accumulate an overall package that students need to be taught to transition into the industry at ease.



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