WLC College : The Best Fashion Designing Course

24 Jan


WLCI Fashion institute is a provider for fashion designing courses in India. The college has well the most distinguished faculty and all infrastructure and equipments for effective learning of techniques and skills.

The faculty and administration understands that practical knowledge is the key measure to create designers with the right set of experience and skills set to win the competition that exists in the industry today. The abject teaching standards which earlier prevailed are now pushed at the backend as lucrative institutes like WLC College take up the stage.

WLC College has been instrumental for getting students trained with established fashion designers and fashion houses alongside the course for apprenticeship. This exposes the student to real life situations, performance pressure and target achievement.

Most of our students have acknowledged the fact that the experience provided at WLC College has been crucial in helping them standout and also build a network of colleagues to gain future business opportunities. They also report that traineeship opportunities are non –existent for most students studying fashion at most colleges and thus builds a great portfolio along with 2 years worth experience. This mostly benefits and puts them as preferential candidates at job opportunities.


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