WLCI College Full Form

13 May

WLCI stands for Wigan and Leigh College India. It signifies our affiliation with the UK based college Wigan and Leigh. Popularly known as, WLC College India across the sub continent. Incorporated in 1995, it was the first college to bring British education in India. The following year, it established the professional certifications.


In the year 1999, WLCI initiated the unique traineeship program. This groundbreaking and revolutionary concept changed the quality of the industry. As now, not only were the employee pool well qualified, but also well equipped to take up roles at the top.

After the success of this experiment, WLCI sought out a new agenda – Cutting Edge Programme. Wherein, the students are trained on personal skills further enhancing their professional abilities. WLCI believes that this highly relevant in getting the students industry ready, as it boosts their confidence.

It can be concluded that, since its inception, WLCI has been trying to find new ways to revolutionize the education industry. The continuous efforts have in fact made the major corporations, established domestically and through the international markets, receive highly proficient labour pool.


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