WLCI Advertising and Design School Visits ‘Archies’ Workshop

17 May

It was just another sunny day, when the students of WLCI Advertising and Design School assembled near the grounds of Archies Workshop to take a tour of the Archies printing and packaging factory. All the students were extremely excited to visit one of the leading ‘Card and Gift’ item manufacturing giants. Umpteen times the students had bought cards and gifts from their favourite ‘Archies Gallery’, this was the first time they had the opportunity to visit the ‘Archies’ workshop and experience what went on behind the scene. This outdoor learning session was organized by the faculties of WLCI Advertising and Design School and along with the students their mentor Deepti Baveja was accompanying them.


The workshop venue was impressive and vast. There were several divisions in the workshop/factory, where the cards, posters, diaries, notebook and many other paper related items were printed. They got to view the black and white printing, offset printing machines and colour printing machines. All the students were in awe of the entire process and paid full attention as to how the printing of various materials took place.

The day started with meeting some of the employees of the printing division who were extremely warm and patient with the student’s queries. Unwearied they took each of the questions asked by the budding designers and answered them meticulously and at times demonstrated the process- how and why things were done in a certain way. The students were also explained the entire progression step by step-starting right from designing the card/poster etc layout in the computer to deciding the colour for printing to finally printing the materials.

After printing how the paper was cut and stored in various slots were also shown to the students. The printed material went through several quality control measures and checked for any discrepancies before finally being ‘Okayed’ as the final product. Finally the items were packed and kept for distribution to thousands of ‘Archies’ stores in and around Delhi and the country.

Field-visit ‘learning’ sessions like this is not uncommon in WLCI, where the students are exposed to real world experiences which enrich their theoretical learning and enhance their knowledge as well and encourage their interest in the subject that is being taught in the classrooms.
Archies factory visit was one such field visits taken by the WLCI Advertising and Design School. This is what the WLCI’ians callFun Learning!


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