WLCI Fashion Technology School and their Outdoor Learning Experience

24 May

WLCI Fashion Technology School leaves no leaf unturned in their search for inspiration, design and pattern. WLCI fashion school is one of the leading institutes in imparting fashion courses and a pioneer in its “Learner-centric” teaching methodology. It has pan-India presence and out of which six centres (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune and Lucknow) imparts the much sought after Fashion Technology course. This course is available for students who have completed their 10 +2 years of education and for graduates. The curriculum is also very elaborate with subjects like drawing, illustration techniques, basic design, colour theory, textile design, pattern making, draping knowledge, computer aided design and many more such topics being taught to the students.

For one-of-a-kind inspiration and creativity session, the fashion school mentors take the students out for “Outdoor” class activities. One such recent ‘outdoor’ class activity was the exploration of the “Surajkund” fair. The earthy tones, the desi-motifs and the ethnic feel of the whole outdoor visit left the students wanting for more.

The trip was refreshing and educative at the same time; the students mingled with artisans from different states and culture. Students drew a whole lot of inspiration from the riot of colours and the rich traditional motifs. They sketched the new motifs they found, explored patterns and fabrics, and scrutinized the weaves available at the Surajkund fair.

WLCI Fashion Technology School student’s look forward to more trip like these and the mentors hope the students have made optimum use of explorations of this kind!




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