Is WLCI College Teaching Fashion Choreography

23 Jul

Indeed !

Creating movement sequences for performers is what choreographers usually do.

What sets a fashion choreographer apart is that s/he focuses on helping the models, dressed in couture finery, and the fashion designer to present his or her creations on the ramp in the best way possible. A lot of hard work is involved and a fashion show’s success is not just the designer’s credit. It is the dedicated effort of fashion choreographers that makes a show a hit.

Is WLCI College Teaching Fashion Choreography


There are a few qualities a choreographer should posses to showcase the best:

  • She/He needs to be an expert of the different ways walking. A model wearing a traditional costume will not sashay down the stage in the same way as one dressed in a short creation. Keeping the aesthetic objective of the show intact, the style of walks will differ.
  • Choreography is a creative art so you must have more than a working sense of style, form and colors and how to fuse the same to make an impact.
  • A thorough knowledge of all aspects of fashion is a must for you will have to suggest a suitable theme for presenting a designer’s creation line.
  • You must have an ear for music since it is played at the background when a show commences. The notes must synchronize with the theme of the show.
  • As a fashion choreographer, you will select the make-up or hair dos of the models. This means you should have a strong idea of the same.

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