How Wigan & Leigh College teaches Fashion Designing

8 Aug

Wigan & Leigh College India had launched as a Business Management School. Currently WLCI College has successfully established as a brand for the most proficient courses in the creative field of Advertising, Fashion Technology and Graphic Designing. Over the years, the institute has trained and shaped sensational professionals across the globe.

Our Creative school aspirants come to us with a dream and we help them to develop the skills required to fulfill them. Dreams, thoughts and inspirations are value at WLCI School of Fashion and WLCI School of Design. Let us share with you a student testimonial for WLCI College India. Meet Grishma Maharjan, a Fashion Technology student and a Fashion Designer contender !

wlci review

At the time of her counseling, we asked her why she wanted to become a designer. Her answer made her vision and ambition clear to us. She had said that her interest developed when she was just 8 years old while watching her aunt flourish as a Designer. Grishma spoke of her aunt as a stimulant in her life, who evoked the encouragement to pursue designing as a career.

She was an uncut diamond; the faculty members at WLCI Fashion School recognized her talents and groomed her accordingly. At the time of her graduation, we had asked her to share a few words towards her experience with the institute.

“At WLCI College of Fashion, I got to know a lot about the prominent designers, their work the way they create garments with interesting patterns and fabrics. We even got to know about different types of fabrics.”


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