How WLC College Bangalore Inspired me

20 Aug

Vishwas Shetty had always been an optimist. To him the glass was always half full. That is what the faculty members and guidance counselors first observed about him. He had the passion and drive to succeed in life. After graduating from Bangalore University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Vishwas came to WLC College of Business Management in Bangalore.


How WLC College Bangalore inspired me

He was enrolled in the year 2001 and specialized in Marketing management. He developed an approach to life that was inspired by the members of staff at WLC College. His motto in life became “Performance gets rewarded and Potential gets promoted”. It was this thinking that led him to sustain the position of Chief General Manager at Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. where he manages the home and mortgage loans along with corporate and business loans.

He was groomed to develop strong leadership qualities as he held the potential. As a team player, Vishwas always believed that the success and growth of a unit is far superior to the accomplishments of a single individual.

WLC College India had been set up with the vision to create highly skilled professionals. The staff does so by identifying individual traits and enlightens the same to the students. Their positive and negative qualities are noted and worked upon. This is done for all students at the institute and over the years, WLC has felt it leads to a more confident work pool.


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