Advertising Basics with WLCI College India

25 Aug

WLCI College India started their Design institute to educate students on Advertising, Graphic Design and Visual Communications. This course is available for 10 + 2 students and graduates at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kathmandu and Kolkata.

Advertising Basics with WLCI College IndiaDuring the first semester, students are taught the basics of advertising. This helps them to understand the fundamentals, functions and strategies of this creative field. Planning, defining and development of campaign catering to specific audiences are also taught in the module.

The course in advertising covers :-

  • Goal

Be very clear on what you want to advertise. Your design should clearly define the end purpose of the campaign.

  • Medium

Each segment of the market is divided by the way derive information regarding a product. Ensure the most used medium of information for your target audience.

  • Message

Using messages in your campaign, which users relate to easily, helps them to remember you at the time of purchase. Connect with your audience, be memorable.

  • Measure

A good advertising campaign can be determined by the number of response. Setting up measurable campaigns can expose the quality of your advertisement. So, incorporate things like number of calls, coupons or items sold etc. Quantify your advertisement.



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