Fashion Fundas

8 Mar

With changing times, one of the most glamorous and exciting careers in today’s world is that of fashion designing. If you are one with a creative bent of mind and sense of style, then this branch of designing is the best career option for you. You not only get to engage your imaginative faculties but also attain fame, glamour and make a lot of money. With fashion no longer confined to the boundaries of a country but reaching out to global citizens, there is a lot of scope to make it big. However to be successful in this field, it is important to acquire qualifications in the form of pursuing courses in fashion design from a recognised fashion institute.

There are both full time courses as well as part time courses, offered by some institutes, which enhance the natural creative skills of the student. These courses give one exposure to the art and culture of the present times, design influences of various eras and an overview of global trends since fashion cannot grow in isolation. Formal programmes offer a strong foundation in fashion, sound technical knowledge, updated professional training, practical experience and an integrated inter-disciplinary curriculum to give their students a professional edge. While one should have good taste and sense of prevalent fashion trends and colours, technical aspects like elements of design, pattern making, ornamentation, draping, knowledge of textiles, garments construction, that need to be learnt, are a part of fashion design courses. A few skills that one picks up are:

  • Making illustrations: One must make sketches of designs first before executing the same on fabric. A formal course hones ones sketching skills as one learns to give concrete shape to random ideas.
  • Sewing: This is another basic skill that one must perfect. One learns to sew fabrics neatly both by hand as well as a sewing machine. One is also taught to iron the seams to give the creation a neater look or to gather the material closer and then sew it for a cringed look.
  • Pattern making: A fashion designer must be an expert at making patterns. Classes are imparted on how to make patterns of designs using basic templates on pattern paper which are then cut out on proper cloth.
  • Presentation skills: Designs need to be attractive for looks matter as much as quality. To make one’s designs stand out, one must spend more time on research and refining one’s techniques. A creation must first be tried on a model and fine tuned so that the final product is the best version of what was initially conceived.
  • Communication skills: Good communication skills are a must to interact with one’s workers as well as celebrities. Since an efficient team stands strong behind a successful fashion designer, it wouldn’t do to throw one’s weight around while coordinating with them.

One usually forays into fashion as an intern designer after completing a course. Those passing out of the best colleges of fashion design can take up positions as fashion designers, fashion coordinators, stylists, merchandisers, textile analysts, pattern maker, fashion illustrators or even fashion journalists.

WLCI School of Fashion offers programmes in fashion technology for those who want to make a career in the apparel industry. Though the domain of fashion is a tough place to survive with aggressive competition, there is no dearth of opportunities. The USPs of the fashion design programme at WLCI College are that it offers:

  • Industry specific knowledge
  • Professional experience
  • Technical skill
  • Unique traineeships programme with leaders in the industry.

Admission is based on All India Combined Entrance Test (AICET). The entrance exam this year is on May 8. For admission details, go to


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