Reaching Out

31 Aug

Are you good with language as in do you have a way with words and remarkable communication skills that comes in handy while conveying informati on in the simplest of words? Besides, are you also one with a great deal of patience? If you fit the bill, you are sure to make it big with a Mass Communication course certificate in your kitty.

With digital and electronics media crossing all boundaries and bringing the entire world together, mass communication assumes mammoth importance, especially to help companies or individuals make the right connect. Professionals are needed to convey a message to a varied set of people in the most efficient way possible.


Like any career, this one too requires commitment and dedication. With the popularity of blogs, while anyone can claim to be a citizen journalist, professional training is a must to make the grade. A formal course will help you gain proficiency in the following areas:

  • Media Law & Ethics
  • Research
  • Journalistic techniques
  • Media Marketing
  • Public Relation, and
  • Event Management

A professional course will widen the horizon of career options. On completion of the course, depending on your area of interest, you will be free to pursue a career in any of the following:

  • Print Journalism
  • Broadcast & Web Journalism
  • Films & TV
  • Publishing
  • Public relations
  • Direction
  • Radio Programming & Production
  • Television Production, and
  • Advertising.

While there are no dearth of options, for one that is sure to give you an upper hand over your contemporaries, check the Mass Communication course offered at WLCI School of Media.


Keen on Reporting

16 Jul

A profession in which you are constantly on the learning curve and which encourages you to research before filing your story is bound to be exciting. Isn’t it? If it is your passion to get to the bottom of a story, journalism is what you should go for. Be it as a part of a newspaper, agency, or as a freelance writer, there will never be a dearth of job opportunities for students majoring from reputed journalism colleges.

Besides honing one’s news skills, a good institute teaches one to hunt for news and report it immediately lest the news loses its value. It is not for one who likes things planned out in advance. You could be asked to be on the front lines in disasters, wars or public gatherings. Yes, it is as unpredictable as that. It becomes more challenging in case you plan to work as a freelance journalist. Then you would have to be present at the center of important events to report what is going on so that you can sell your story to the news agencies that were not at the scene.

A brownie point is that you will be paid to travel to events that you are expected to cover. It also means going to places you have always wanted to visit. And that too all expenses covered. You will also be allowed to follow your interests and network to your heart’s content.

The best way for youngsters to start is to go for the right journalism colleges. WLCI College  with campuses across the country is a good bet for those looking for an exciting career ahead.

College Review

22 May

College review refers to critical examination of all the facilities and overall ambience which a college extends to students. Critical and comprehensive analysis benefits both students and colleges. Organic and coherent analysis help students pick up colleges of their choice and help them improve on the areas where they lag behind. Indeed reviews are yardsticks to measure performance.

There are several parameters on the basis of which a college is reviewed or ranked including

Placement: In case of colleges providing professional courses, placement is the first thing on the basis of which students will judge the college. Especially in sluggish and volatile economic conditions, students enroll themselves in colleges having best placement records. Again companies that visit the campus and package they offer is also a crucial factor to select the colleges.

Quality of Academic Input: Academicians and professional trainers which a college houses exert tremendous impact on the mind of students. Well-qualified academicians having years of academic and corporate experience can shape the future of students and keep them abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields. Eminent faculties understand the ever changing and pressing demands of the industry and accordingly bring about changes in the curriculum and training methodologies.

Student care: Good hostel facilities and prompt grievance redressal is something which is not only the concern of the students but parents as well. It’s imperative for management to quickly weed out problems encountered by the students. Lack of medical facilities and security related issues significantly pare down student’s efficiency.

Infrastructure: In today’s fast-paced and hi-tech world, good infrastructure is the basic requirement if an organization, institute or a college wants to thrive. Aesthetically designed campus having state-of-the-art equipment and facilities is essentially required for the well-rounded development of the students. Likewise, library, computer labs, sports facility and medical facility are indispensible to any professional college.

Geographical Location: Though geographical barriers have been dismantled in 21st century and students visit across the globe to get best education-but still especially in developing economies students prefer to study close by their living location due to various factors.

WLCI Redefining the Concepts of Management Information System

16 Mar

With the advent of information technology, now we have access to all sorts of information without which it’s inconceivable to budge a little. Decision making requires relevant and authentic information at right time. All our plans will fall through if we do not have timely information. Be it booking a flight ticket or making online purchasing, we bank on information.

An organization will cease to operate if flawless and important information does not reach the employees, especially to the people in higher echelons of the organization. In the late 1960s, more systematic approach to organizing information was felt and MIS (Management Information system) was introduced. With rising demands of MIS professionals in the industry, prestigious institutions like WLCI College offers courses in MIS that may catapult your career in the industry.

MIS aims at providing three types of information to companies namely descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive. Descriptive information depicts real state of the company. It put up company performance in terms of sales reports, financial reports, receiving reports, production reports, shipping reports and customer service reports.

Diagnostic information portrays the issues which is adversely affecting the growth and performance of the organization. It suggests remedial measures to set the things right and on the basis of diagnostic information companies take corrective actions.

Predictive information help companies sense and foresee future scenarios. On the basis of predictive information companies formulate pricing and marketing strategies. It portrays clear picture of the future on the basis of which companies figure out the areas where expenses has to be brought down.

Prescriptive information suggests the measures that should be taken in case the planned events go awry. It answers to the question “What should be done “.

WLCI offers course in MIS and Budgetary Control Management that enables students to specialize in management information system. A professional degree in MIS from WLCI College provides competitive mileage over the peers for the curriculum is specifically designed keeping an eye on the industry requirements.

WLC College Feedback and Reviews on Nobel Prize Winners 2014

11 Oct

Yesterday, 10th October’14, the recipients for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize were declared. WLC College India sheds light on the dedicated hard-work put in by the winners. Young Malala Yousafzai, for Women’s rights in Pakistan and honorary Kailash Satyarthi for eradicating Child Slavery and exploitation in India, have attained this global recognition.

WLC College Feedback on Nobel Prize Winners 2014

Malala Yousafzai is the youngest winner of the celebrate award. At 17, she has already spent years working on improving the status of women in Pakistan. 2 years ago, she was shot by the Taliban for demanding the right to education. She stands as a symbol for the daily struggles of women in Pakistan.

Kailash Satyarthi, at 60, has dedicated his life towards eliminating child slavery in India. He is the first ever Indian-born winner of this honor. He gave up a career in electrical engineering more than 30 years ago to work on this social cause. Adapting various forms peaceful protests against the exploitation of children for money, one can perceive him as reincarnated Mahatma Gandhi.

WLCI School of Fashion Reviews Fall 2014 Trends

1 Oct

The fashion forward team at WLC College India loves the Fall Season !

Also known as the autumn season, it marks the end of the seasonal journey a year. With September 23rd marking the autumnal equinox for the year 2014, one can observe the sun setting sooner than usual. In addition a light breeze greets us as the night sets in. Our aim here is to reveal the top trends predicted for the forthcoming season.

WLCI School of Fashion Reviews Fall 2014 Trends

  • Dressed down formals. Choose between your structured office jacket and tailored trousers, and pair it with you weekend wear to give look stylish-ly professional this nippy season.
  • 1970’s Era. Wallpaper prints, structured necklines and belted waistline, perfect look for this season.
  • Shift Dress Transformation. Layering is not just for the winters, wear your shift dress with voluminous pants to spruce up your look.
  • Poncho Time. This sweater-shrug combo is a daring look for the heavy built ladies, choose wisely. Adorn it over a long tee shirt to appear slimmer.
  • Blush Blush Blush. Color of the season this fall has taken a hue from the cheeks. Stock up your wardrobe in this shade.

WLCI College wishes Happy Janamashtmi

1 Oct

Janamashtmi is celebrated worldwide as an annual event for commemorating the birth of Lord Krishna. Ceremonious breaking of the Dahi Handi is engaged to depict the lord’s playful side and is practiced in all parts of the world. Other practices that are holy to this day include fasting and setting up cradles and swings with pictures of an infant Krishna.

WLCI College wishes Happy Janamashtmi

WLCI College India sends across heartfelt wishes on this auspicious occasion of Janamashtmi!

How WLCI College teaches Animation

26 Sep

For one who wishes to explore his or her creativity or imaginative power, animation is where s/he should head to. Be it cartoons or children’s movies like Kung Fu Panda, The Chronicles of Narnia, Bolt or Chhota Bheem, animation rules big time. Once a pride of the West, it is a hot favorite in India today. A few qualities that make a successful animator are:

  • Good visualization skills
  • Creativity and artistic sense
  • Drawing or illustration skills
  • Patience, hard work and dedication
  • Good communication skills to convey your ideas to others
  • Knowledge of the latest computer techniques, and
  • Since animation involves multitasking, you will have to work with others and so you must be a team player as well.

Animation courses train students in the field of art and design along with in-depth software knowledge and technical understanding. Mind you, it does not end here. Animators must update themselves on the latest technical know-how to be ahead of the rest and to keep good job offers coming in.

How Wigan & Leigh College teaches AnimationMany colleges and professional institutes offer courses in animation. The WLCI Advertising & Graphic Design Program from the stable of WLCI is designed to train students to face real-world challenges in the design industry. A certification in advertising and graphic design helps a student enter this dream world of animation. The faculty encourages students to experiment with new ideas to produce effective design solutions.

On completion of the course, students can work in:

  1. Feature films
  2. TV commercials
  3. Pop videos
  4. Gaming sector
  5. Websites or other Medias.

WLC College Reviews the He for She Campaign

23 Sep

“For the record, Feminism by definition is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.” – Emma Watson. WLC College Reviews

In her role as the United Nations Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, Emma spoke on the battle for gender equality. WLC College India supports her thoughts ! #HeForShe

WLCI College wishes the PM on his Birthday

17 Sep

Here is the Birthday Boy acquiring blessings from his Mother !

WLCI College wishes the PM on his Birthday

As Narendra Modi turns 64, he traveled all the way to meet his mother at her home in Gandhinagar. As a present to her son, she donated to her capacity, Rs 5000 for the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for Jammu and Kashmir.

Just last year, Bollywood star Mallika Sherawat, had released her birthday wish to him in quite a stormy way !