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About WLC College India (WLCI)

8 Aug

WLCI College is one of the leading management institutions in the country that gives substantial weight to personality development along with professional development. Functional knowledge being the common factor across all such institutes, WLCI focuses on creating professionals instead of just management graduates. To this end, the focus is on teaching time management, controlling emotions, physiological and psychological well-being, developing right attitude and areas that will ensure that a student learns a lot of profession-skills as well as life-skills. This put together with the traineeship options, a student can actually practice his professional as well as personal skills in the actual workplace thus paving way for evolution of a professional.


WLCI College Feedback

24 Apr

WLCI’s brainchild the Employers Council- a 300 strong member organization is dedicated to create and update the course content of the business management course offered by the college.  These members are senior managers from the industry who are at the cutting edge of their professions meet on a periodic basis to create and update the content to make it more relevant to the industry. They often provide reviews on this unique initiative of WLCI.

Professor Gagan Katiyar, writes in his review that, ‘The process is an excellent way to map job roles & accordingly equip the students with job requirements.  The process can be a comprehensive one and can stretch (it) to the final accomplishment.’  Another EC member, Pratiksha Rai, says about EC, ‘Excellent exercise to bring industry and academics together and making it more fruitful for students.’

Tune into this space for more EC reviews and WLCI College feedback.