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WLCI Business School Reviews HIGGS BOSON Scientists

14 Jun

Prof. Virdee and Prof. Tom Kibble, two of the 6 researchers whose initial work in the 1960’s led to the eventual discovery of the Higgs have been knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.Both Virdee and Prof Kibble became knights. They are joined by other distinguished scientists.


The elusive particle commonly called as “God Particle” was finally detected in 2012 at Cern by two giant experiments – Atlas and CMS. He originated the concept of CMS in 1990 with four colleagues, oversaw its construction, and acted as spokesman for the experiment when it first began taking data in 2006-10.

Prof Virdee developed new technologies within the detector that ultimately allowed it to find the Higgs – the mechanism which explains how sub-atomic particles came to have substance, or mass.
Thousands of scientists and engineers have worked on CMS and it was their painstaking efforts creating this experiment that made these discoveries possible.

According to Prof Virdee’s own words “The Higgs is a very special type of particle – one we’ve never seen before. It has strange properties that we need to understand. This award was a complete surprise to me. It’s really quite humbling and of course I’m delighted to receive it. I’m over the Moon to be frank.”

The discovery of a Higgs boson have allowed physicists to finally validate the last untested area of the Standard Model’s approach to fundamental particles and forces, guide other theories and discoveries in particle physics, and potentially lead to developments in “new” physics.


Feedback of WLCI on fallen Gold Price

28 May

WLCI Feedback

The “Gold” metal which is very much dear to the Indians, has fallen in terms of price sharply in the market in the recent days. Recently it ranges between Rs 28,000 to 29,000. In the recent times gold as a metal has lost its “safe-heaven-appeal”. In India, some time ago the prospect of increase in prices was due to a hike in duty, which came into force in January 2013, that might have encouraged people to buy. After the duty hike, India imported around 200 tonnes of gold in January-March 2013. Right now compared to its last years market value-Gold prices have dropped and experts indicate a further drop in prices in the future.