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What is Journalism?

30 Dec

What’s the first thing you do very systematically every morning? Read the newspaper or listen to the bulletin on the TV, of course! This to be abreast of current events across the globe. And this would have been quite impossible without the art of journalism which deals with investigation and reporting of happenings. Be it via newspapers, weekly or monthly news magazines, news channels or online sites, journalism is about informing people what is happening around them.

Journalism Course in WLCI College India

A journalist first investigates and then files a report, which is printed, telecast or uploaded depending on the media. What you read or see is a summary of what has happened, who all were involved, how it happened, why, where, when and the consequence of it. While breaking news and investigative stories are often the most sought after, feature stories and human interest stories also have their own set of impassioned followers. It is the same thirst for unearthing unknown information that runs through all of them and requires the same amount of dedication.

Journalism is exciting and challenging at the same time. To be a journalist, you must have a diehard streak and be able to communicate effectively. To hone their skills, would-be journalists often take up language and writing courses.

While there are many institutes offering a slew of journalism courses today, one of the best choices would be WLCI‬ School of Media.


Shining with Mass Communication Course

21 Sep

Have you ever wondered what makes a Mass Communication course so popular among young people these days? Well, compared to traditional academic courses where you specialize in any one subject, this course boasts of an exhaustive curriculum. There are options from print, digital and broadcast journalism to advertising, public relations, TV, radio and social media as well which means by the time the course is over, you will be ready for a variety of careers in the happening media industry. Along with your core area, you also gain expertise in writing, speaking, social psychology, media research and business management – all of which will enable you to connect with the masses better.

mass communication cours

Since employers look for a combination of formal qualification and relevant work experience when recruiting freshers, good Mass Communication colleges offer internships with industry leaders to give students a real feel of what to expect once they are actually in the field.

On the job, you will get to brush shoulders with famous people as also travel to exotic places and binge on delicacies every other day. While the perks are many in this field, so are the responsibilities and headaches. For one, you will never be able to totally switch off even on your days off. Be ready to cover events at all hours of the day and night. And the adrenaline rush that you so love could also get a little too much after a point of time.

Reaching Out

31 Aug

Are you good with language as in do you have a way with words and remarkable communication skills that comes in handy while conveying informati on in the simplest of words? Besides, are you also one with a great deal of patience? If you fit the bill, you are sure to make it big with a Mass Communication course certificate in your kitty.

With digital and electronics media crossing all boundaries and bringing the entire world together, mass communication assumes mammoth importance, especially to help companies or individuals make the right connect. Professionals are needed to convey a message to a varied set of people in the most efficient way possible.


Like any career, this one too requires commitment and dedication. With the popularity of blogs, while anyone can claim to be a citizen journalist, professional training is a must to make the grade. A formal course will help you gain proficiency in the following areas:

  • Media Law & Ethics
  • Research
  • Journalistic techniques
  • Media Marketing
  • Public Relation, and
  • Event Management

A professional course will widen the horizon of career options. On completion of the course, depending on your area of interest, you will be free to pursue a career in any of the following:

  • Print Journalism
  • Broadcast & Web Journalism
  • Films & TV
  • Publishing
  • Public relations
  • Direction
  • Radio Programming & Production
  • Television Production, and
  • Advertising.

While there are no dearth of options, for one that is sure to give you an upper hand over your contemporaries, check the Mass Communication course offered at WLCI School of Media.