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WLC College Feedback – Tarun Jain

16 Aug

By Tarun Jain, Batch – ACL II, Course PGDBM (MKT)


I am glad to be a part of WLCI; the college has given me in-depth knowledge about my subject and also made me aware of its application in the corporate world. I am proud of my college. East or West WLCI is the best.


WLCI College Feedback

2 May

WLCI Fashion School is a premier institute for fashion designing in India.  Known for its professional excellence, the institute provides students the best training in fashion. The students of this fashion design school look forward to great future and tread the path of success with immense support from the institute.

The institute has received favourable reviews from the alumni and the industry alike. With a perfect blend of theory and practical experience, (on-the-job training is provided with top organizations in the final year of the fashion course to give hands-on experience to the students), WLCI School of Fashion equips students with a right mix of knowledge and practical training. It helps them to be a great success in the industry.  So, it is not surprising that reviews about the college turn out to be highly positive.

To know more about the college and views of its alumni, you can go through the reviews posted online. You can catch reviews about WLC College on YouTube. Here are a couple of reviews of WLCI school of Fashion: Check Out Videos.

Tune into this space for more reviews about WLC College (WLCI).

Open your eyes and look around

12 Oct

Are you eyes opened?

I don’t mean this in the usual sense of not sleeping. I am asking if you are really awake. What does being awake mean? Are you aware of opportunities that knock on your door?..

Traditionally there has been little competition within higher business management education systems, and the Task Force believes that more intense competition between similar institutions for faculty, students, and resources will help improve standards by rewarding merit and performance. It also generally promotes beneficial innovations and overall quality improvements. Competition is exceedingly difficult to achieve through central decree, but requires a high degree of autonomy for academic institutions, allowing them to exploit their strengths and overcome weaknesses. Adequate market information is also essential, otherwise institutions will continue to thrive even when they are weak.

Considering this increased competition, one has to be to extra alert with the opportunities coming through your way. One has to keep eyes open all the time so that one should not miss out on the early options. Specially the students pursuing higher studies has to be extra conscious so that they are able to come out with a bright professional career. Just a piece of advice but can help you in a long run.

Impact of technology advancements on education pattern

12 Sep

Technological advancements are intended to bring far reaching improvements in present day educational system. Today, we cant even imagine anything without technology infused in it. The never ending benefits of technology has contributed majorly in its increased popularity and demand. It focuses 0n facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological resources. Resources on a broader aspect include different types of software, hardware, internet applications, satellite mass communication and many other forms.

In order to make sure that technology is proved effective in prevailing education system, it is needed to intelligently integrate it into rich and meaning full course content. It is for sure that computer-based education help them in better visualization of things than ever before. The best part about computer based education is that a computer is patient and non-judgmental and give students motivation to continue learning. Apart from this, technology has also helped in making online education a reality, which otherwise could not be possible.

In this regard, the concern lies in proper implementation of these advancements so that fruitful results could be obtained. For this, both learners and teachers have to adapt to newer technology, so that there is a sync in learning process. Everything is possible in today’s world. It is just that you need to come forefront and take that first step nad then see the wonders!!

Why distance learning education is important?

16 Aug

Distance Education is extremely advantageous for students who wish to pursue their higher studies, but do not get the enough time to do this. These management programmes may be taken up by people who stay at remote places, workers, housewives and even the working professionals, who because of one or the another reason are not able to take up a regular programme. Based on your requirements as well as the study course you want to pursue, it is very easy to get into such programmes.

Distance Education Courses are basically correspondence courses that individuals can obtain their studies by not attending regular classes. Students  pursuing distance learning education need not to worry concerning the course contents, mode of examination, and duration of the course or the degree as it’s going to be very same as awarded to regular students.

Like said earlier, you may come across a lot of universities and colleges that provide distance education to students, who are not only accredited by a regulatory body but also enjoys good reputation in the market. The concept of distance education is gaining a whole lot of demand in India with each passing year. Distance Education through the university programs does demand a great deal of work. You need to complete assignments, attend exams and function on projects just like standard college. Consequently, you might have to dedicate your self for your studies.

The biggest advantage of distance education in the modern world is that these learning programmes provide a flexiblity to the learner to continue with their studies without compromising on quality of education and course content. People, who are constrained by one or the other reason do not have to leave their dreams and can go ahead as far as they want!!

Job hunting is a sequenced procedure

6 Jul

While you start looking for a job, threat this process as a job itself. When the signs are not good, start planning things regarding job hunting. Take out few hours every day to find a new job. The job search process must be a structured one and should be planned so that you can implement the steps efficiently. The process involves, updating resumes, going through job web sites, networking with peers, looking for leads and openings around you, preparing cover letters and finally sending them to prospective employers.

One must keep his focus intact and keep his eyes and ears open when scouting for job opportunities. The process of job search is an elaborate one and includes steps like making cold calls, appearing for several interviews and getting rejected as well. But then, one must be prepared to handle these things during the process. While searching for a job, one must be prepared to set his sights from long term as well as short term perspectives. That also mean depending upon the urgency of the situation one should also keep his options open for jobs in new sectors.

One should also give equal consideration to his personal and professional needs. Also try to make your setbacks as your opportunity. Also remember that, you are in control of your life and can also take charge of your career as well. Constant attempts should be made to contact the hiring persons and ask them whatever is needed. These basic steps will go a long way in getting successful result of the job search process.