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Phil Mathais visit to WLCI Delhi Campus

22 Aug

Mr. Phil Mathais-Head of the International Division from Wigan and Leigh College, UK and Mr.Matt Bell- Associate Head -School of Art & Media from Salford University has visited Delhi Campus, WLCI College India on 18th Feb 2013.

Copy of WLC College India - Delegates visit from UKCopy of WLC College India - Delegates visit from UK- (10)WLC College India - Delegates visit from UK

Copy of WLC College India - Delegates visit from UK

WLCI College Feedback

24 Apr

WLCI’s brainchild the Employers Council- a 300 strong member organization is dedicated to create and update the course content of the business management course offered by the college.  These members are senior managers from the industry who are at the cutting edge of their professions meet on a periodic basis to create and update the content to make it more relevant to the industry. They often provide reviews on this unique initiative of WLCI.

Professor Gagan Katiyar, writes in his review that, ‘The process is an excellent way to map job roles & accordingly equip the students with job requirements.  The process can be a comprehensive one and can stretch (it) to the final accomplishment.’  Another EC member, Pratiksha Rai, says about EC, ‘Excellent exercise to bring industry and academics together and making it more fruitful for students.’

Tune into this space for more EC reviews and WLCI College feedback.

Open your eyes and look around

12 Oct

Are you eyes opened?

I don’t mean this in the usual sense of not sleeping. I am asking if you are really awake. What does being awake mean? Are you aware of opportunities that knock on your door?..

Traditionally there has been little competition within higher business management education systems, and the Task Force believes that more intense competition between similar institutions for faculty, students, and resources will help improve standards by rewarding merit and performance. It also generally promotes beneficial innovations and overall quality improvements. Competition is exceedingly difficult to achieve through central decree, but requires a high degree of autonomy for academic institutions, allowing them to exploit their strengths and overcome weaknesses. Adequate market information is also essential, otherwise institutions will continue to thrive even when they are weak.

Considering this increased competition, one has to be to extra alert with the opportunities coming through your way. One has to keep eyes open all the time so that one should not miss out on the early options. Specially the students pursuing higher studies has to be extra conscious so that they are able to come out with a bright professional career. Just a piece of advice but can help you in a long run.

Give a new direction to your career

26 Aug

Seeing the present scenario of education system in India has prompted me to pen down my thoughts on the same. Confused students, saturated markets and meaningless education pattern are the terms that define Indian education industry. Without realizing interest, skills and ability of a student, educational institutes are flocking our youngsters in no direction.

Considering the technological advancement of present times, there is an urgent need of revision in the education system. We need a system that can prepare our youngsters to face the challenges more efficiently than their predecessors. Classroom studies are no more relevant to current needs of corporate world. We need to bring practical exposure to our students so that they have live experience and better understanding of different situations.  Like business management schools are doing for their students.

Aims at training rather than just educating young professionals, business schools are those places that can give right direction to your career. The traineeship advantage, industry relevant course content, cutting edge training, professional development system and excellent placements are differentials of these management institutes. Not only this, the student exchange programme poses numerous international opportunities to the students and help them to understand global market. Right from the admission procedure till the final placement, you as a student undergo a complete makeover. they will make you a better and valuable corporate citizen.

Are you ready to go Business School….????

26 Jul

A very easy yet a critical question to be asked to someone. Thinking from all perspectives, one might to consider a lot of things to answer back.  Going to business school is a very important decision to be taken, which can change the rest of the course of your life. At business school one learns the skills and knowledge required to stand in corporate world. Besides, the professional learning, one grooms himself to match with the set of skills required to be a valuable corporate citizen. Here is a helpful guide process to make a perfect entry at a perfect place.

First of all you need to complete your bachelor’s degree. Business schools require an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. Most students who apply to business school have an undergraduate background in business coursework. Once you done with graduation, then take different entrance examinations to enter a good business school. Business schools require applicants to successfully pass the entrance examinations before acceptance and enrollment into an MBA or similar management course. At the same time, you need to take care that you score well in the entrance examination, whichever is taken by you. Another important thing is to update your resume. Your resume is a snapshot of who you are. It doesn’t have every single detail, but it does provide an important overview of your skills and abilities.

Prepare a list of preferred business management colleges that you would want to get into. Get into detailed investigation and brings out all the possible details like placement records, course curriculum, admission procedure, fees structure, infrastructural facilities and faculty to name a few.Once, done with this, fill up the application form of shortlisted colleges and complete with all the required formalities. Last but not the least, prepare for group discussion and personal round of interview. Only after successfully meeting with above mentioned criteria, you can say that yes i am prepared to go to a business school!