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Choose the best fashion school for yourself

12 Jun

Education in fashion is the apt route to a successful career in the fashion industry. If, you have decided to pursue fashion studies, you would like to choose the best fashion school for yourself.  But the question arises as to which is the best school? What makes a fashion designing college the best among other institutes? It doesn’t matter, if you choose a fashion designing institute in Delhi or fashion school in Mumbai, the ‘best’ school will have the below mentioned features.

WLCI Fashion School

Consider the following factors and you’ll surely be able to choose the best fashion school for yourself.

  • Nature of the program: The best college will ensure that the syllabus it offers is an exhaustive one which will cover all the aspects related to fashion and the industry as a whole.  Know whether the content offered aims at training in fashion designing or other aspects too so as to make students eligible for other jobs in the industry such as that in Fashion Marketing, Visual Merchandising etc.
  • Course titles:  Before taking admission in an institute, educate yourself about the titles of the programs offered. Know if it’s a Bachelors program, diploma or a specialised program as the content is likely to differ in a degree/diploma/specialised program and it has implications further while being considered for jobs which may demand specific educational qualification in fashion.
  • Networking opportunities: It is very important to get connected with the fashion fraternity to imbibe fashion sense in the best manner and get good job offers.  To fit into the evolving fashion industry you need to connect with working fashion professionals to know their style of working, the functioning of the industry, the norms, principles and practices and most importantly the job opportunities in the industry.
  • Training opportunities:  This is extremely important in a creative course such as that of fashion to train and get hands-on experience in fashion. This will improve your creative skills and boost your confidence.
  • Placement: The best fashion schools are those which make sure that their students get the best placement in the industry. You can measure the success of a particular college with its placements.
  • Course Fee:  The cost/tuition fee of the course of the fashion designing institute should justify their fashion course. So, look out for all the offerings in terms of course content, faculty, placement assistance etc. and evaluate if the fee demanded is reasonable or not.

The best fashion school will offer the aforementioned features. You can select a fashion school on all or the some of the attributes. A fashion school which has these features will lead you to a great career in fashion.