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College Review

22 May

College review refers to critical examination of all the facilities and overall ambience which a college extends to students. Critical and comprehensive analysis benefits both students and colleges. Organic and coherent analysis help students pick up colleges of their choice and help them improve on the areas where they lag behind. Indeed reviews are yardsticks to measure performance.

There are several parameters on the basis of which a college is reviewed or ranked including

Placement: In case of colleges providing professional courses, placement is the first thing on the basis of which students will judge the college. Especially in sluggish and volatile economic conditions, students enroll themselves in colleges having best placement records. Again companies that visit the campus and package they offer is also a crucial factor to select the colleges.

Quality of Academic Input: Academicians and professional trainers which a college houses exert tremendous impact on the mind of students. Well-qualified academicians having years of academic and corporate experience can shape the future of students and keep them abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields. Eminent faculties understand the ever changing and pressing demands of the industry and accordingly bring about changes in the curriculum and training methodologies.

Student care: Good hostel facilities and prompt grievance redressal is something which is not only the concern of the students but parents as well. It’s imperative for management to quickly weed out problems encountered by the students. Lack of medical facilities and security related issues significantly pare down student’s efficiency.

Infrastructure: In today’s fast-paced and hi-tech world, good infrastructure is the basic requirement if an organization, institute or a college wants to thrive. Aesthetically designed campus having state-of-the-art equipment and facilities is essentially required for the well-rounded development of the students. Likewise, library, computer labs, sports facility and medical facility are indispensible to any professional college.

Geographical Location: Though geographical barriers have been dismantled in 21st century and students visit across the globe to get best education-but still especially in developing economies students prefer to study close by their living location due to various factors.


WLC College Review By Shailesh Dudani

18 Dec

ImageShailesh Dudani is working as the Head for Banking, Financial services and Insurance vertical at ‘India at Dimension’.

He has a rich experience of 16 years in which he has worked in various MNCs including Sistema Shyam Teleservices, Tata Teleservices, Bharti Airtel, Convergent Communications, Pentafour Communications and HCL Infosystems.

He is also a member of WLC College’s Employers Council which curates the curriculum for the courses offered by the college. In this Post, Mr. Shailesh provides his thoughts on the management courses offered by WLC College.

“Good Platform for engagement between the industries intervened with the academia to offer a meaningful curriculum to aspiring MBAs. It creates a meeting point of skills, knowledge & attitudes required by the industry from Sales perspective and prescribed syllabus”.

WLC College is a renowned institute for management, fashion, advertising and graphic design courses with 14 knowledge centers across India. The college has pioneered the “Earn While You Learn” concept of education in India. The platform provides training opportunities for students at Companies along with classroom teaching which enables practical understanding of the subjects. The programmes have been structured and developed with active participation of employers which helps to create curriculum which matches current industry requirements.