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Web Designing Tips by WLCI

22 Mar
Tips on improving your Website Design.

Tips on improving your Website Design.

WLCI School of Design’s tips on Improved Web Design ! Main focus should be on removing outdated content & information from your webpage – Keep It Fresh. Allow visitors the option of cancelling actions like registration forms, newsletter etc – Don’t Annoy. White is the most visually attractive background color, it also enhances your content – Keep It Simple. Learn more at : http://www.wlcidesign.in/



WLC College Feedback – Tarun Jain

16 Aug

By Tarun Jain, Batch – ACL II, Course PGDBM (MKT)


I am glad to be a part of WLCI; the college has given me in-depth knowledge about my subject and also made me aware of its application in the corporate world. I am proud of my college. East or West WLCI is the best.

About WLC College India (WLCI)

8 Aug

WLCI College is one of the leading management institutions in the country that gives substantial weight to personality development along with professional development. Functional knowledge being the common factor across all such institutes, WLCI focuses on creating professionals instead of just management graduates. To this end, the focus is on teaching time management, controlling emotions, physiological and psychological well-being, developing right attitude and areas that will ensure that a student learns a lot of profession-skills as well as life-skills. This put together with the traineeship options, a student can actually practice his professional as well as personal skills in the actual workplace thus paving way for evolution of a professional.

WLCI Students review on Fashion courses

5 Mar

WLCI is one of the top fashion colleges in India. It offers fashion programmes for under-graduates, graduates and working professionals. These programmes have enabled the students to create a successful career for themselves in the fashion industry. You can check out the students review on YouTube. You can catch one such video about WLC College feedback about its fashion courses at the following links.


WLCI organizes a fashion show at the end of their course. It is a highly publicised fashion show where industry’s top designers make their presence felt. It is a great platform for students who showcase their collection and are able to attract prospective buyers. Moreover they are able to get placement offers too. Grab more information on such glittering fashion shows, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8Xbs-Fg-SI  and

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x85-LhSWaR8&NR=1&feature=endscreen .

This is one of the several WLCI College feedbacks. Tune into this space for more such student reviews on WLCI College and its fashion programmes. 

Passionate about Jewellery designing!!

1 Dec

On the back of a sizzling growth of the organised jewellery industry, striking job openings and exciting entry-level salaries, many specialised institutes catering to the industry have mushroomed in the recent past. It’s a fine era to consider jewellery designing as a career preference.

India is the largest gems and jewellery market in the world (the domestic market is Rs 63,000 crore), but largely in the unorganised sector with a significant focus on gold. With the entry of big players like Tanishq, Swarovski, DeBeers, D’- damas, the shifting thrust on gems and stones rather than pure gold is giving a big push to the organised gems and jewellery industry.

Your grandma’s old jewellery may be treasured and pricey heirlooms, but they simply do not hold a candle to the existing styles being worn. Jewellery these days is exclusive and contemporary. “People are very image cognizant. They don’t want jewellery as a representation of financial security but to make a fashion merchandising statement and also as trends wear that suits different occasions.”

Getting Started

Previously, the single way to learn this skill was to be an apprentice to an experienced jeweler. But these days, one can take up a diploma course in jewellery design after school. Numerous institutes, all over India, present diploma courses in jewellery designing. A student has to pass an aptitude test and interview before qualifying for the course. One could be from any field. But an art background does help in the long run.

The course gives you essential information on the diverse kinds of stones, colour schemes in jewellery, design themes, presentation and framing, designing individual jewellery pieces, men’s jewellery, costume jewellery, jewellery costing, etc. But to a professional in designing jewellery does not need formal training. A professional in any other field can take up jewellery designing workshops and set up a business production house.

Reasons that contribute for increasing popularity of management programs

23 Nov

India faces many challenges in the professional market. Growing MNCs is one of the main reasons for this. In order to be successful, one needs to be sufficient and skilled enough to cope up with the growing demands of the professional market. Education in business management programs helps students to gain skill and expertise to stand out in the professional market. Students get exposure to the required skill both inside and outside the classroom. This helps students to gain the required market knowledge.

Theoretical skills focus on finance, management, economics, marketing and accounting. The practical exposure helps students to work in a team according the prescribed procedures and patterns. Management education thus has become the most demanded qualification by students as well as the job market.

Thus the number of students applying for entrance exams like CAT, MAT, IIFT, XAT, FMS, PET, CET, JMET, and GMAT are increasing every year.  The scores of these tests help students to take admission into management colleges. Further, this study opens wide options for students in their career. They can apply in the field of Human Resource, Marketing and Sales. As a result of the need of students, large numbers of business schools are coming up in India. These schools offer management programs at various levels. Students can pick the program according to their requirement. Full time MBA program is for students who can spend 2 years on education. During these two years they get exposure to the required theoretical and practical sessions.

Whereas, on the other hand, Part time MBA is for students who cannot join regular degree due to time constraint.Executive MBA is a specially designed program for working professionals. The course is designed in a way that it caters to their industry needs. Distance learning programs offer off-campus study. The students get flexibility to study according to their time and convenience.With increasing economic growth of India, there is a need of good Managers in India. Quality managers are sure to work in line with the business needs of India.

The incomplete education in India

18 Nov
The recent research development in neuroscience has provided convincing evidence and proof that experience based brain development happens in the early ages of a child’s upbringing. In India this truly seems to have been forgotten, as the recently envisaged right to education under Article 21A of the constitution of India does not take that into account. This strikingly positive step would be as good as walking on the bog as there remains no solid base and substance that can hold it upright and straight. The Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 and also the amended article of the constitution talks about children between the ages of six and fourteen years, ignoring the fact that crucial learning takes place in the child’s first six years. These early years also ask for identifying critical periods towards the development of cognitive, social and psychomotor competencies which contribute to the success during the later part of life.
Without ensuring early childhood care and education in the initial years of a child’s development, the government assumes that every child will jump into an age appropriate class at the age of six and will benefit the maximum till he/she attains the age of fourteen. Probably these eight years of education is the best that can happen to a child from the government’s point of view. If these critical early years are not supported by, or embedded in a stimulating and enriching physical and psycho-social environment, the chances of the child’s brain developing to its full potential are considerably and irreversibly bleak.
Childhood development needs attention on a social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional front. Every aspect plays a pre-determined role in the formative years. A handy tool that came our way in 2008 was the “Child Development Index” (CDI) by Save the Children UK through the contributions of Terry McKinley, Director of the Centre for Development Policy and Research at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. This indexing style also took note of the education as a basic parameter for analyzing results.
The law and the statutes also have a similar story to say, as Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights treats education of a child as a basic right. The constitution of India treats it as good as the right to life under article 21A. Analogy comprehends to the extent that if all of these are brought back in the structured sphere, every child will have the freedom and a decent life, which is a must, both for today and tomorrow. But what makes the government, law and statues shy away from early childhood education, is the sixty-four dollar question.

Vocation education that helps in improving professional skills

4 Oct

Career education prepares adults for improved job skills in all sectors of career fields. This type of continuing education supports the lifelong learning efforts of employees in professional, managerial, sales, service, clerical, trades, and labor. This education for adults comes in many forms such as college courses, workshops, community education, continuing education units, and on-the-job training.

Career education is often referred to as technical education or vocational education, because adult learners develop expertise in a particular set of job skills or technology applications within a career field. These work related programs and courses are typically offered in classroom instruction settings or via online learning. Adults who enroll in these programs or courses do so for a variety of reasons to meet career goals and objectives.

Career Education and Work Related Courses

Career development is designed to support adult learners who enroll in vocational schools to improve their employment skills and knowledge. The following is a statistical summary of facts regarding adults who enrolled in career education courses.

A career development action plan is considered by many to be a road map of how an adult moves up the ladder in a career field through continuing education. This plan must be in writing to allow an individual to view actions necessary to advance with a chosen career field. An important point to remember is that the action plan is not written in stone. There must be room for amendments as time passes and new opportunities present

Advertising Courses at WLCI

20 Sep

Advertising and graphic designing defines today’s profession. The growing scope and need of advertising has led thousands of students to enroll for the same. More and more students are opting for advertising courses. There are many advertising degree and diploma programs in India. WLCI College is one among them.

Founded in the year 1998, the WLCI Advertising & Graphic Design School has created a niche for itself in this domain. The school started with a vision to train students to identify and collaborate to meet the changing needs of the global design and communication industry. The certification programmes offered at WLCI College lay emphasis on advertising, visualization and design techniques. The programmes consist of structured modules that help you conceptualize and articulate ideas through expressive and creative visuals. Further, it provides comprehensive knowledge of different aspects of advertising, which includes international design trends, cultural practices and changing scenario of international market. Further, it combines theory and practice so as to develop a range of professional skills which enable you to be superior to your counterparts.

Impact of technology advancements on education pattern

12 Sep

Technological advancements are intended to bring far reaching improvements in present day educational system. Today, we cant even imagine anything without technology infused in it. The never ending benefits of technology has contributed majorly in its increased popularity and demand. It focuses 0n facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological resources. Resources on a broader aspect include different types of software, hardware, internet applications, satellite mass communication and many other forms.

In order to make sure that technology is proved effective in prevailing education system, it is needed to intelligently integrate it into rich and meaning full course content. It is for sure that computer-based education help them in better visualization of things than ever before. The best part about computer based education is that a computer is patient and non-judgmental and give students motivation to continue learning. Apart from this, technology has also helped in making online education a reality, which otherwise could not be possible.

In this regard, the concern lies in proper implementation of these advancements so that fruitful results could be obtained. For this, both learners and teachers have to adapt to newer technology, so that there is a sync in learning process. Everything is possible in today’s world. It is just that you need to come forefront and take that first step nad then see the wonders!!