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WLC College for fashion and design

29 Jan

The WLC College is a premier institute for fashion designing and graphic design. The college has created distinguished professionals in these fields for the last 2 decades. With its headquarters at Noida the college has a Pan India presence with  branches across ten major metropolitans including Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune and many more.

The college adheres to its principle of putting practical learning an equal dimension for successful growth as theoretical lessons. This is why the college started its Earn while you Learn program. The program offers a unique opportunity to students to work as inters in leading Multi-national corporate. The internships are paid internships which also help the students to support their course fee.

Most of our students have reported that such training has helped them grasp concepts and classroom lessons way better than traditional classes in previous courses or school. Most of the students give a positive feedback and say that the training has helped them to be more confident and productive during their fre4sher years than most of their peers.

To know more about our courses you can log on to http://www.wlcidesign.in or http://www.wlcifashion.inImage


WLC College : The Best Fashion Designing Course

24 Jan


WLCI Fashion institute is a provider for fashion designing courses in India. The college has well the most distinguished faculty and all infrastructure and equipments for effective learning of techniques and skills.

The faculty and administration understands that practical knowledge is the key measure to create designers with the right set of experience and skills set to win the competition that exists in the industry today. The abject teaching standards which earlier prevailed are now pushed at the backend as lucrative institutes like WLC College take up the stage.

WLC College has been instrumental for getting students trained with established fashion designers and fashion houses alongside the course for apprenticeship. This exposes the student to real life situations, performance pressure and target achievement.

Most of our students have acknowledged the fact that the experience provided at WLC College has been crucial in helping them standout and also build a network of colleagues to gain future business opportunities. They also report that traineeship opportunities are non –existent for most students studying fashion at most colleges and thus builds a great portfolio along with 2 years worth experience. This mostly benefits and puts them as preferential candidates at job opportunities.

WLC Fashion School : Not just a program

21 Jan


WLCI fashion school is a leading institute for fashion designing in India. The college has in the last decade some very formidable names in the industry. Many fashion houses and designers desire only WLC fashion design students for their workforce. The college has indeed created an impact on the fashion circle.

These accomplishments can be attributed to WLCs lucrative approach to teaching and curriculum. The college focuses majorly on practical experience rather than theoretical knowledge.  This approach helps students to come into ease with industry expectations, team work and delivering on deadlines. These can make or break any designer.

The platform also focuses on helping students make industry contacts so as they are able to take distinct steps in their career. This practice ensures that our students never go out of work and can remain to follow their passion as desired. The college also plays host to its very own fashion show hosted each year by the name of Chimera. The platform helps our students to showcase the best of their designs and provides an overall experience of being a graphic designer.

WLC College: Fashion Training

17 Jan

Fashion Courses at WLCI institute have established WLC as one of the leaders for fashion education in India. This journey has taught us the essentials of creating a course that itself serves as the first steps for a satisfactory career in fashion.  Many students claim that the fashion course gave them more practical knowledge in 2 years than what students gain for the next several years while working in the industry. One surely wonders how this is possible.

One of the key features that plays an important role is our traineeship platform that serves alongside the course. The platform enables students to be involved in a variety of projects at established firms for apprenticeship under leading fashion designers. This sort of opportunity is hard to come by for anyone in the industry.

The training also helps students to build contacts for networking. This is necessary in the fashion industry due to the high amount of competition and crucial for a successful career.

WLC College also hosts its own fashion show ‘Chimera’ to enable students showcase their collections and give them the opportunity to experience all aspects of fashion designing. The event is has established WLC as a great brand for fashion courses.Image

WLC College: Enabling careers in fashion designing

13 Jan

ImageTwenty years ago, The Indian fashion industry was still in its cradle taking the first steps towards the world of glitz and glamour that it is now. The prospect of becoming a fashion designer was thin but conceivable. Now, its war! Fashion Designing has emerged as a much anticipated career with the youth of the country flocking towards fashion schools to get themselves a place in the fast accelerating industry.

The modern scenario is way different from the traditional approach; any one in fashion will tell you that. But a plan to successfully create a niche for yourself in the industry is hardly a topic where you can get consensus.


We at WLC College India strive to give a professional methodology to guarantee success for our students. We try hard to remove uncertainty in the system where some people achieve their goals by chance and luck and the many more who fail miserably.


Our program is designed to expose you to the industry in a professional way. There are 2 key elements for success in this industry:

1)      Originality

2)      Network


We help you build a network with participation in major events and provide traineeship opportunities with leading designers. We also help you to learn and explore skills for achieving higher levels of creativity and originality.


 The WLC Brand with its lucrative approach has become a formidable name in Indian Fashion.

WLC College: Wills Fashion Week

10 Jan

WLCI College is one of the foremost institutes for fashion designing courses in India. The college provides students with a grand exposure to the industry through various fashion shows and events organized.

Recently, The College organized the students to experience the Will Lifestyle fashion show held in New Delhi. The show was a witness to all the prominent fashion designers in the Indian industry namely Anupama Dayal, Ashish N Soni., Manish Aurora, Masaba, Nida Mehmood, Wendell Rodricks and many more.

We feel that exposing the students to such events motivates and enables them to understand the reality of what they are aiming for. Usually, the work of the designers is showcased for the elite few in the country. These events allow students to minutely examine the design intricacies of their work and build up on the successful ideas and trends of the industry.Image

Talking to the designers also helps students to get a brief insight into what makes a successful designer and this is crucial for them so as to plan their career.

WLC College leaves no straws to make sure that our students get the best education in India. Already, WLC College’s very own fashion show “Chimera” is a brand in itself. Each year, our final year students showcase their designs on this high profile platform.