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WLCI Redefining the Concepts of Management Information System

16 Mar

With the advent of information technology, now we have access to all sorts of information without which it’s inconceivable to budge a little. Decision making requires relevant and authentic information at right time. All our plans will fall through if we do not have timely information. Be it booking a flight ticket or making online purchasing, we bank on information.

An organization will cease to operate if flawless and important information does not reach the employees, especially to the people in higher echelons of the organization. In the late 1960s, more systematic approach to organizing information was felt and MIS (Management Information system) was introduced. With rising demands of MIS professionals in the industry, prestigious institutions like WLCI College offers courses in MIS that may catapult your career in the industry.

MIS aims at providing three types of information to companies namely descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive. Descriptive information depicts real state of the company. It put up company performance in terms of sales reports, financial reports, receiving reports, production reports, shipping reports and customer service reports.

Diagnostic information portrays the issues which is adversely affecting the growth and performance of the organization. It suggests remedial measures to set the things right and on the basis of diagnostic information companies take corrective actions.

Predictive information help companies sense and foresee future scenarios. On the basis of predictive information companies formulate pricing and marketing strategies. It portrays clear picture of the future on the basis of which companies figure out the areas where expenses has to be brought down.

Prescriptive information suggests the measures that should be taken in case the planned events go awry. It answers to the question “What should be done “.

WLCI offers course in MIS and Budgetary Control Management that enables students to specialize in management information system. A professional degree in MIS from WLCI College provides competitive mileage over the peers for the curriculum is specifically designed keeping an eye on the industry requirements.