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WLCI College Feedback

2 May

WLCI Fashion School is a premier institute for fashion designing in India.  Known for its professional excellence, the institute provides students the best training in fashion. The students of this fashion design school look forward to great future and tread the path of success with immense support from the institute.

The institute has received favourable reviews from the alumni and the industry alike. With a perfect blend of theory and practical experience, (on-the-job training is provided with top organizations in the final year of the fashion course to give hands-on experience to the students), WLCI School of Fashion equips students with a right mix of knowledge and practical training. It helps them to be a great success in the industry.  So, it is not surprising that reviews about the college turn out to be highly positive.

To know more about the college and views of its alumni, you can go through the reviews posted online. You can catch reviews about WLC College on YouTube. Here are a couple of reviews of WLCI school of Fashion: Check Out Videos.

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WLCI College Feedback

24 Apr

WLCI’s brainchild the Employers Council- a 300 strong member organization is dedicated to create and update the course content of the business management course offered by the college.  These members are senior managers from the industry who are at the cutting edge of their professions meet on a periodic basis to create and update the content to make it more relevant to the industry. They often provide reviews on this unique initiative of WLCI.

Professor Gagan Katiyar, writes in his review that, ‘The process is an excellent way to map job roles & accordingly equip the students with job requirements.  The process can be a comprehensive one and can stretch (it) to the final accomplishment.’  Another EC member, Pratiksha Rai, says about EC, ‘Excellent exercise to bring industry and academics together and making it more fruitful for students.’

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WLC College (WLCI) Employer Council reviews

15 Mar

The Employer Council organization, a brainchild of WLC College (WLCI) is involved in developing the business management course of WLCI. Students of WLCI School of Business get a high quality business management education through updated and industry-oriented course content.

Kumkum B Nongrum, Head Leadership & Learning, Royal Bank of Scotland is a member of this elite organization. This eminent member of Employer Council writes in her review about WLC College (WLCI) that it is a ‘Very well conceptualised and structured. May be able to derive better benefits if the group is restricted to specialist professionals for curriculum design especially in areas of hard core subject matter’.

The college highly considers such useful advices from EC members. Today, the organization comprises a large number of professionals who cater to distinct courses and provide valuable inputs in improving the course curriculum of WLC College (WLCI).

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